Our Parents and Teachers Association is made up of the general population of parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide support for our school. Those members listed below hold leadership roles. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 


Interested in joining any of this year's committees? Email us at watsonpta@gmail.com


Officers for 2023-24 School Year

Co-President - Kate Luna

Co-President - Megan Kennedy Carson

Treasurer - Tiffany Lee

Recording Secretary - Jenni Featherstone

Corresponding Secretary - Heather Byrne

AIM - Alexis Ainscough

Fundraising - Molly Larom

Council Delegates - Melissa Guseynov & Juniry Luna-Sanchez

SEP Representative - Suzanne Francis

Curriculum Representative - Angelie Rajani

Drug & Alcohol Task Force - Jen Fuentes

Wellness Consortium - Kathryn Cassidy


Executive Board

Advisors - Lauren Cruise & Jen Pascarella

Book Fair - Brianne Shepherd

Blacktop Sales - Kathryn Cassidy

Class Rep Chairperson - Victoria Pizziatola

Fifth Grade Rep - Elizabeth Carnaval

Flower Sales - Ann Fangmann

Ice Cream Sales - Mahnaz Kahn & Caitlin Henry

Membership Toolkit - Emily Johnson

Policies & Procedures - Melissa Guseynov

PTA Membership - Nutan Keen

Read-A-Thon - Lauren Cruise

Website Manager - Tiffany Lee


Committee Heads

Bicycle Safety - Stephanie Dilworth

Field Day - Iram Hassan

5th Grade Dance - Kim McGuigan

Halloween - Amanda Havas & Tam McLoughlin

Holiday Boutique - Cori Barrer

Kindergarten Orientation - Tracy Mathew & Amanda Ali

Assistant Book Fair - Caitlin Henry

Assistant Read-A-Thon - Carabeth Samuels

Movie Night - Melissa O'Brien

Picture Day - Jenni Featherstone

School Supplies/Agendas - Jen Fuentes

Watson Wear - Mike Clancy & Tony Pizziatolla

Welcoming Committee - Jenn Hannon & Amber Sarva

Yearbook - Ellen Quigley

Turkey Trot - Melissa Sorvillo

Parents Night Out - Reina Hall & Diana Boychuk

Dance-A-Thon - Kim McGuigan

Kids Night Out - Ellen Quigley

3rd & 4th Grade Dance - Amy Morovich & Brianne Sheppard

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Amber Sarva, Amy Morovich, Kim McGuigan

Street Fair - Lauren McShane

5th Grade Moving Up - Jen Fuentes, Mayra Mogrovejo-Reyes, Liz O'Keefe, & Stephanie Kuhlmey

2nd Grade Play - Brianne Shepherd, Stephanie Dilworth, Raquel Rodriquez-Peña, Lauren Cruise, Ali Bovasse, Kelly Hettinger, Kristen Clancy, Diana Boychuk, Reina Hall, Marina Gorecki, Melissa O’Brien, Dave Monaco